Accessing the Paws Protect service

cat's pawPaws Protect is a service offering help to the cats of families torn apart by domestic abuse.

We provide a free fostering service, taking care of cats until their owners are in a position to reclaim them. The cats referred will be health checked before going to one of the foster carer's homes, where they will be treated as a family pet.

Paws Protect operates in the following areas: London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Surrey and is able to accept referrals from owners and professionals supporting those fleeing domestic abuse, such as support workers, social workers and the police. In addition, posters and information cards are sent to various services in the area.

Referrals are handled by our staffed Paws Protect Coordinator and Paws Protect Assistant through our referral line or via email:

0345 260 1280

The team will help to find a suitable fosterer for your cat.

All information between the client and foster carer is confidential. The fosterer will not know the identity or whereabouts of the cat owner and visa versa, ensuring complete anonymity.

While it is not possible for the owner to visit their cat while it is being fostered, the Paws Protect team visit the fosterer on a regular basis, providing monthly updates to the owner.